Monday, February 27, 2006

3/4 polled okays actions of Tammy

Taken from The Electric New Paper, online version of Singapore No. 1 tabloid.

Quote of the day:
Just so that when we're older, we can realise how fit we used to be.
Alvin Fan, 20-year-old student

SOME of you may have frowned on Tammy, the Nanyang Poly student whose intimate video got passed around in cyberspace last week.

Adjectives such as stupid, immature, irresponsible were used to describe what happened.

For the more conservative, she may even be labelled as loose for being so casual with sex.

But here's the surprise:

Many young people in her age group - junior college, polytechnic and university students between the ages of 17 and 25 - don't think she did anything wrong.

In a poll by The New Paper on Sunday, almost three quarters of 107 people polled held this view.

Indeed, close to 1 in 6 claimed they would consider filming themselves in the act. But none of them admitted to have done it.


What's clear is this: The student shouldn't have been so careless by leaving the clip in her handphone, which subsequently got stolen.

Miss Audrey Li, 19, who echoed the majority opinion, said what Tammy did in her personal life is her own business so long as it's not meant for public viewing.

'She was just unlucky (that it was exposed). There was apparently no intention to distribute the video.

'So, whatever floats her boat!' Miss Li said.

Miss Faith Perh, also 19, agreed.

She said: 'What she did fell strictly within the private domain. It's her own personal life. If she went around showing it to other people, that's another matter.'

Others, like Mr Damien Poon, 19, felt that while what she did was acceptable, her careless attitude wasn't.

'The fact that such material was on her phone shows that she wasn't serious or careful enough about such a delicate matter.

'It is this flippant attitude towards something so private that I have an issue with,' he added.

Indeed, handphone thefts are on the rise.

According to the police, more than 1,800 people reported their handphones snatched, stolen or taken away by force between January and May last year.

More than half the owners were teenagers.

This is a 45 per cent increase compared to the same period in 2004.


Carelessness aside, some think Tammy's actions were wrong in principle.

They may be in the minority, but they have strong comments about it.

Miss Sarah Lim, 20, said: 'It's wrong because she's hurting her own dignity by doing something like that.'

As for Tammy's partner, a 21-year-old who has just finished his NS, 1 in 4 think he's done something wrong.

Miss Lim, who also thought Tammy's actions were wrong, said: 'It was exploitative. He might have been exploiting her ignorance.'

Mr Mohammad Rais, on the other hand, has a much firmer opinion on the matter.

'He's wrong, because youngsters should not have premarital sex no matter what,' said the 18-year-old.

The rest, around 72 per cent of the respondents, thought what he did was okay.

Miss Teo Tsu Lyn, 18, said: 'He was not at fault, he was an innocent party. He didn't count on the girl losing her handphone.

'The fault lies solely with the person who not only did not return the handphone, but uploaded the contents onto the internet.'

None of those polled admitted to having indulged in similar activities.

Those who might make their own sex video in the future said they would only do so if they can be sure the clip remains private.

Their motivation?

For 20-year-old student, Mr Alvin Fan: 'Just so that when we're older, we can realise how fit we used to be.'
- Additional reporting by Christine Tee, Cherie Wong, Ong Rui Lin, Samantha Fong, Shermaine Koh, Ben Kyaw, Nicole Na Yun, Hadi An & Esther Huang

TOUGH but pain will HEAL

IT sounds scandalous. And wrong.
But the desire to photograph or film yourself in sexual positions is acknowledged by counsellors The New Paper on Sunday spoke to said.

Dr Alex Ung, a consultant psychiatrist with Adam Road Hospital, said a voyeuristic streak is not out of the ordinary.

'That's why the porn industry is so big.'

But privacy is of utmost importance. And others should not be offended, hurt or influenced as a result, noted counsellers.

Dr Ung cautions those who indulge in these activities to destroy any evidence or to keep them in a secure place.

How should someone like Tammy be counselled?

Victims, they said, will feel very vulnerable and traumatised if their photos or videos leak out into public domain.

'This is an acute stress situation. Something very private is being exposed. It's like her (Tammy's) inner sanctuary has been invaded,' said Dr Ung, who has 20 years' experience in counselling adolescents.

A Nanyang Poly spokesman has confirmed that a counsellor has spoken to Tammy.

'Currently, we are working with the student's parents to help her through this difficult period.

'We are also re-arranging her study schedule to provide her time to recover from the distress brought on by the incident,' the spokesman said.

Mr David Kan, the co-founder of the Family Life Centre, agreed with the steps taken.

He suggested: 'Now, what the girl should also do is to surround herself with people she trusts and confides in.

'But of course, having the professionals like her counsellor around is important too.'

In severe cases, Dr Ung recommends a short period of anti-anxiety medication.

'This is just until the whole episode blows over, which it will,' he said.

Dr Pauline Sim, on the other hand, offers more preventive advice.

The psychiatrist at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre said: 'Sure, there's always personal freedom within legal confines. But we have to always think of the consequences.

'We don't live in isolation.'

Greedy for Tammy videos?

The guys over at threatens to enlist the help of terrorists and even Uncle Osama to blow up Sg N00bs and other like-minded souls looking for porn.

Now that's what I call hardcore.

FYI, the two parts of the video clips were made available at their site before the wildfire spreaded.

Sex on the go

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The Sunday Times, 26 Feb
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The next Hollywood Blockbuster

It's no wonder they say, Malaysia Boleh!
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The Sunday Times, 26 Feb
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It ain't cool to do a Tammy

A teen counsellor replies:
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The Sunday Times, 26 Feb
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Parents must address lax values

Article starts on the left:
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The Sunday Times, 26 Feb
The Sunday Times, 26 Feb
The Sunday Times, 26 Feb

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Who should be blamed?

Lynn laments the "basic value system of today's youth" on The Straits Time forum.

ST Forum, 25 Feb
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She doesn't know who should be blamed for the maladies that plague our youths in this time of age.

The mother of a 5-year-old son is already seeing the rebellious streak in him. Quote of the day: I've done nothing wrong. Everyone does it.

She urges parents to love their children such that they may be responsible in their thoughts and actions.

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Anderson's view on the Tammy clip

Anderson finally discovers the video clip after a frantic search over 2 days. Nobody told him about Spymy?

He gives his comments in Chinese over at 安德森自由空间.

To translate:
Initially I had high expectations for the clip, but after watching it, I found it to be average. The clip can be divided into 2 parts. The first part sees Tammy giving head to her boyfriend, which lasts for 2 - 3 minutes. Tammy's performance was commendable, proving herself to be an oral expert. The subsequent part sees Tammy's boyfriend getting into some action. However this 8-min long section only sees him getting in and out of her. The action was typical and without seeing Tammy's face, we are unable to feel her pleasure. Frankly speaking, the clip sucks! However, considering the fact that it's filmed on a cellphone situated at a fixed location, I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

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Tammy gets Zipper thinking

Zipper, a Singaporean living and working in the Land of Free Speech, writes an open letter to PM Lee on Google Groups to "urge the Singapore government to implement laws to regulate these local blog sites according to the media laws immediately."

He elaborates that bloggers report their stories "based on hearsays and rumors" and the Tammy incident is "hardly a compliment to Singapore's squeaky clean image."

Perhaps Zipper has been residing in the U.S of A too long to realize that a couple of Singaporean bloggers have indeed been convicted and jailed or put on probabtion for inflammatory racist remarks against minorities, which is an offence under the under-utilized Sedition Act.

Maybe Zipper would like to visit the Singapore Statutes Online and read Chapter 107 (Films Act), 29 to 31 before he comments further on the "story of great interest that is about Singapore."

And I sincerely hope Zipper has fulfilled his National Service in the Singapore Army prior to his work and residence in the U.S.A.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tammy did not intend to be a porn star

The fourth report which came out on 24 Feb.

Tammy finally speaks up after the police report and feels in retrospect that filming the clip was a "stupid thing to do".

Meanwhile, Ghost declares making money (read: enterprising products) out of the issue as unethical - after fuelling the fire for close to a week and getting numerous (read: thousands of) hits on his site.

The Straits Times, 24 Feb
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Tammy's primary school crush

After seeing the infamous video, Jasper feels sorry for Tammy.

He confirms from some online pictures of her that he was her crush in South View Primary School when he was her classmate from P5 - 6.

And he feels more sorry for her after watching the video and requests Tammy to email him for he is worried.

P/S: Do not email Jasper asking for the videos, he'll need you to go suck some c**k for that. Now where did Jasper get that oral idea? From the video he watched?